Each pet is individually assessed on arrival at the Salon.  This allows us to evaluate the condition of the dogs' coat and discuss with you what type of style you would like.

Our Services

Full Groom

  • A double wash with professional grade shampoo, specific to your dogs coat type and a gentle Blueberry face wash to remove dirt from the eye area

  • Excess moisture and dead undercoat is removed from the coat using a high powered dryer which also stimulates the circulation

  • Your pet is then hand dried safely on a grooming table  (We do not use cabinet dryers)

  • Nails are clipped and ears cleaned if required

  • The coat will then be trimmed/clipped to the style of your choice, if appropriate for the dogs coat type/condition and breed

  • A complimentary spritz of doggie cologne or aftershave and a bow

Mini Groom

  • Bath & blow dry as above

  • Nails clipped & ears cleaned

  • Face, paws and hygiene areas trimmed

  • A complimentary spritz of doggie cologne & bow

Bath & Brush

  • Bath & blow dry

  • Spritz of doggie cologne & complimentary bow

Hand Stripping

  • Full hand strip of coat

  • Nails clipped and ears cleaned

  • A spritz of doggy cologne & complimentary bow



Guide Prices
Full Groom
Small breeds from £25
Medium breeds from £35
Large breeds from £45
Giant breeds from £55
Mini Groom 
Small breeds from £20
Medium breeds from £25
Large breeds from £35
Giant breeds from £45
Bath & Brush
Small breed from £15
Medium breed from £20
Large breed from £30
Giant breed from £50
Hand Stripping
As detailed from £40